"Before I met Farina, I was going through a tough time. I still carried on my normal daily activities... but on the inside I felt anxious, depressed, hopeless and not knowing who to talk to.

As fate would have it, I met Farina and was drawn to reach out to her for guidance and support. I had a few reiki sessions with Farina, and I felt beyond grateful for her healing and support. She is an extremely good listener, and quickly picks up the core thought patterns and emotions that are at the heart of the issue. She is so very genuine, compassionate and supportive, and provided me with much encouragement and guidance without ever being judgmental. As we worked together, she helped me uncover the feelings and thoughts that I've buried deep within me without even realizing, and diligently helped me, step by step, to release the energy no longer serving me.

Every session with Farina, I also learn something about myself. I learn to be aware of negative thought patterns or how to deal with triggers for anxiety. I have healed so much and I am truly grateful to Farina for helping me to become more in alignment with my best self. I would highly recommend Farina to anyone who needs to process / heal / release emotions, or even anyone who just needs an energetic tune up! Your spirit will thank you."

Linda G

Farina crossed paths with me when I was undergoing a turbulent time in my life. I was experiencing anxiety , which was increasing by the day, and was on the verge of depression. My body was shutting down and I was going through intense body tremors . I was altogether lost and overwhelmed .

Having been communicating with her , she taught me what it was my body was going through and how my body was expressing itself. She has not only been providing me with ongoing counsel and support , but she has gone a layer deeper to help me heal through Reiki . There is so much healing power through communication and support itself , but when combined with reiki it can be transformative . That is what I can say the most about this experience with her.

She has provided me with techniques and practices that have helped me balance and align myself .She has taught me how to mother my inner child with unconditional love . Moreover, how to recognize , respect and honour certain emotions that are felt and allow them to pass through the body so that they are not stuck and blocked.

She has also made me aware of the way my thoughts work and how to take control of that element as well as it can create your reality and prevent you from progressing . In short , this journey with Farina has been beautiful and has allowed me to shift . I’m in a better place today and its thanks to her !


Before I met with Farina I was experiencing emotional and mental blocks around childhood traumas that I had been carrying with me. Farina helped me clear these blocks as well as others that I had not been aware of. I felt very peaceful after my session with Farina. She has a very gentle spirit and it's easy for me to feel safe with her.

I loved how Farina moved through the session intuitively and gave gentle explanations for what she was feeling and doing. I felt as though she had the right balance of letting me know what was going on and guiding me in my part and letting me rest in the work she was doing for me.

I've really benefitted from my session with Farina in understanding more about my own sovereignty. Having seen how she works, I feel more empowered to clear my own energies as well. I would love to do more work with her to understand even more deeply the process of understanding and renewing my energy and releasing old blocks.

Jojo Atomic